Lemon Heart Drops

Food blogs are all the rage these days (see foodgawker or smitten kitchen). Always complete with photos walking you through the entire recipe, and finishing with mouth watering macros of the finished product. So I thought, why not?

Perusing through Valentines Day recipes, I was inspired by this post, and made smaller chocolate hearts to place on these Lemon Drop cookies topped with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.

I learned that (a) it’s incredibly frustrating to feel like you should stop every 10 minutes to wash your hands and take a stupid photo to put on your blog, (b) I bake in the evenings, when the lighting is not ideal, and (c) for my first experience taking the time to neatly blop frosting on, I now have an appreciation for bakers at My Little Cupcake.

Making the batter:

My first time zesting a lemon!

Fish view of cooling cookies: