Crab Apples

When I spotted the crab apple tree on campus, my brain started spinning. Sauce, jelly, pie… and free! Oh the possibilities! I set about reading about how to can, getting supplies, and picked some apples.


Cat: You are so ugly. I am sick of looking at you.

I was too cheap to get the $15 Canning Utensil set at Shaws, which I guess is $7.49 at Target… but was rewarded with a stop at Goodwill which found me the funnel and jar lifter for a grand total of $3. Instead of buying a canner, I used my big pot and made my own canning rack from this webpage.

Ready, set, go!



Finished Product. Three hours later a whopping two and a half jars. Thing in the back is the pillowcase I used to strain the apple mush out.


I kept reading online that everyone hated canning and that it was hard work. I will confirm some hard work, since I was using crab apples… But it really wasn’t too painful, just a lot of waiting for water to boil for long enough and more waiting for the jelly to gel.

Here are the tutorials I used:

And here’s the recipe:

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