Harvest Time

It’s finally getting colder out and the geese are flying. It’s time to start gathering some food for the winter!

Our friends in Swanton have beehives that needed emptying! The trays get taken out a few days earlier, after the bees have been smoked out. A heated blade is used to shave off the caps of the comb. The trays of comb are then put in a centrifuge and spun, cranked by hand. When the combs have emptied, the honey is drained out into jars. Voila! Don’t worry, the bees will still have enough for the winter.



When I was young, I took an edible wild foods course at the Audubon Center. I recalled learning that you could make tea from sumac. Soak the fuzzy red sumac berries in cold water and then strain them out. What’s left is a deliciously tart sumac tea, or Indian lemonade. Of course make sure you identify the correct sumac. I made an extra concentrated batch and put them in ice cube trays for later.





Speaking of ice cube trays, pesto too!



and some herbs:



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