Bird Balls.

I thought I’d make some bird treats, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it considering it was -10 yesterday (nothing compared to the -30 I heard about in Island Pond!)

I loosely followed the recipes here: and here:

I wanted to keep it simple and didn’t want to use corn syrup or gelatin or lard. Basically I mixed the bird seed with tablespoons of flour and water until I got a nice sticky mixture. Then I compressed it down into cookie cutters, an ice cube tray, and balls with twine loops set inside. A lot of recipes called for baking the treats and using straws to keep holes in the biscuit for twine later on. I let mine sit out overnight and I didn’t have straws, so I used candles!


Bird ball:

In other news, I shipped my second Etsy sale out this morning in a reused altoid tin. Please pass on your used tins and boxes to me!

Merry Christmas: