Jump for Me.



1, 2, 3… 5 jumping spiders have appeared in my apartment over the past couple weeks and each one I let free into the backyard.  Mostly black in color, with flecks of white, and emerald green fangs.  Then, I found a 6th… in my car.  Was it the same jumping spider, following me around?  I rescued the one from my car and placed it in a mini aquarium for observation.  I caught it a fly (with a jar no less, aren’t I stealthy?).  As soon as I flung the fly in the tank, she immediately saw it, targeting it with her big round eyes.  With direct and quick movements, she followed it, as it buzzed about.  After a brief hunt, it was hers, it’s head buried in her jaws.  There was then a long interlude, almost an hour, in which she simply sat with the fly twitching underneath her, twirling it about with her forelimbs every now and again. Then she dropped it. Why was the fly I offered you rejected?

Nom nom:



Warning gross part:  As she held it there, 4 or 5 maggots squirmed their way out of the fly’s abdomen and began wandering about.  After some googling, I suspect that this fly was a member of the Sarcophagidae family, or flesh flies… who gives birth to live larva, preferably depositing them onto carrion or feces.  Yes.  In a response to her death by spider fangs, the mama flesh fly began releasing her maggots into the world.  What a mom.


A far cry from these masters:



Or this recent post by Beetles in the Bush:  http://beetlesinthebush.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/mrs-monday-jumper/





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