My, what a surprise you are

In September, I read a post by the blog Beetles in the Bush, “My, what busy palps you have,” about a strange red/black/yellow cricket with enlarged spoon-shaped palps.  (Palps are a part of an insects mouth parts, used to manipulate food, you can see it in the picture below.)

Never had I seen such a strange cricket.  And I never expected I would ever see it.  Until I was home on my parents porch in Massachusetts:


Wham Bam!  The red-headed bush cricket, Gryllidae Phyllopalpus pulchellus.  And a lady cricket at that.

It moved so fast it was like sonic.  It ran around the banister in circles until I managed to take a few successful shots of it.  After seeing the cricket, I understand more why Beetles in the Bush entitled the post, “My, what busy palps you have.”  Even when it stopped doing circles, the palps were still jittery.  Bending and tapping away.

I was unable to find a truly exemplary video.  Below you can see a cricket starting at 1:41 and it’s rather peaceful compared to the specimen I encountered.  But hopefully you can still see the moving palps.

I hope you enjoyed this brief post!  Again, I recommend reading the Beetles in the Bush post for more info on this little dude.  Until next time!