“Ghost” in Cemetery

I was driving down past the cemetery in town, when I spotted a full white squirrel clutching a little green apple.  Obviously, I pulled over immediately.  Managed to get a few snapshots of it as it bounded past the headstones.



I got home and posted my tale on front porch forum.  This was no white lie (pun intended).  I had seen a white squirrel!  Didn’t even know that was possible.  Thankfully, about a dozen responses followed my post…  I was not imagining it.  Neighbors were very excited to hear about the sighting.  Some had only heard of its existence.  Those that had seen it, shared my excitement:

“Those pictures were AWESOME thanks for sharing.  Maybe I should take my book and go hang out near the cemetery… Just wondering if I might get unexpected guests other than a white squirrel.”

“That is super cool.”

“…it’ll be invisible in a few months!”
“… just a little something to make our beautiful city more awesome.”
According to some Googling, an ecologist is studying white squirrels (and various varieties) at the University of Hawaii. There’s an informative website and video here, if you’d like to learn more: http://www.untamedscience.com/biodiversity/white-squirrel/  There are apparently color variations in the eastern gray squirrel, such as black, silver, or white.  I believe I saw one of these variations, what he calls a “white morph,” and not an albino.
Rumor has it, there’s also a squirrel with a white tail that hangs out in about the same area of town!
So keep an eye out.